19/04: I'm back...

... sorta. I'm not sure if this is gonna last, but if you've got stuff to say and nobody to listen, the obvious solution is to blog.

16 days and the semester's over! I can't believe how much has happened & changed over this school year. It's been an amazing time of crazy challenges, learning and growth. And in just over two weeks, I'll be halfway finished with my degree. Yikes.

I was reading the news today and for the first time read the full text of the Supreme Court's abortion ruling yesterday. Called "the most important decision since Roe v. Wade," the 5-4 ruling upheld a ban on partial-birth abortion, which apparently had been legal (under certain circumstances) up to this point. The full text of the ruling (available on this site) is surprising. What sad state has our country come to if we have been allowing this gruesome, inhumane procedure for years? How can liberals and "pro-choice" women across the country still be fighting to lift a ban on what USA Today calls "infanticide"? The ruling's description of the article serves as a wake-up call with a sickening effect, and Christians should be rejoicing for this decision. More at USA Today.

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