27/01: It's the weekend

The weekend is finally here!

I don't know what it was about this week but it just seemed to drag on forever. I think the ski trip on Tuesday seemed like the beginning of the weekend when in fact the week had just begun. Anyway, the week's over.

The ski trip was a blast. I did a little damage when I tried to take a [small] jump at high speed on a black diamond trail, and ended up landing on my side and getting bruised & scratched up a bit. But other than that, I think I was able to stay on my feet more than ever on this trip. It was definitely worth it.

And yes... I did get around to uploading some pictures. Click here to see them. I almost lost all of them when my camera "crashed" but I was able to recover the pictures with PC Inspector File Recovery. Kudos to whoever made that program.

I came across an interesting quote this week in a Slashdot thread on intelligent design. Read the following, keeping in mind that this guy is an atheist:

when I try to imagine what it would be like to believe in a benevolent god, I think it would be such an amazing thing I don't see how any part of my life would be unaffected. I think that if someone really believed in god it would be obvious without even asking.

Profound, isn't it?

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